Wednesday, May 14, 2014


a couple shots of how I do multi layers on joe strummer

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


My sister wrote up a little bio on me on her website.  Her website has everything from art, culture, events and everything that's cool.  Please support the art community.

Fresh Friday Finds: Angry Tiki God A.K.A. Allan Cruz

GonzGonz, spray paint on plywood. © Angry Tiki God
New Jersey-based Angry Tiki God (Allan Cruz) is not only an awesome stencil spray paint artist, but he’s also my big brother. It’s his raw, unapologetic style that prompted me to share his work in this week’s Fresh Friday Finds. Inspired by his lifelong love of skateboarding and music, and artists like Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, Mark Gonzales, and Jason Adams, Angry Tiki God has been cranking out some really rad art featuring some of the most iconic figures of our lifetime.
BlondieBlondie, spray paint on plywood. © Angry Tiki God
JoeyJoey Ramone, spray paint on plywood. © Angry Tiki God
Growing up, I can’t remember a time when Allan wasn’t creating in some way. He built a mini ramp with our dad and uncles in the backyard, skated it day and night with his friends, used to spray paint logos and cut out designs on his grip tape, covered The Misfits and Bouncing Souls on his drums, wrote songs for the various incarnations of his band, and worked on his motorcycles. His need to express himself was loud and clear. So after decades of creating mostly for himself, it was no surprise that Allan kicked it into high gear in 2008, when the ladies of Sic Chix Productions and Subculture Skateshop asked him to be part of their first of many group art parties called The Movement.
Since then, under the moniker Angry Tiki God, Allan’s fresh talent and technique continues to evolve. He focuses now on his stencil spray paint art continuing to showcase his work in solo shows and with The Movement. He is also available for commission work so hit him up with your concepts and ideas. You can keep up with Angry Tiki God on his blog and Etsy shop, where he’ll be adding works for sale soon, like those posted above.
In my personal collection. Thanks, bro! <3 span="">
Joe Strummer, spray paint on plywood. © Angry Tiki God

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For Sale

Ian Curtis still available

 Death metal Elvis SOLD
email me if interested
commission work available

Thursday, May 1, 2014


stencils I painted from the early years.  I started painting these around 2009ish.  Johnny Rotten was one of the earliest ones where I figured out the actual technique of making the stencil, photoshopping it to get the details and actually knowing what photos to use.  Started following the work of Logan Hicks at around this time too.  that dudes body of work is amazing.  I'll post up more of my stencils later

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Makin stuff

Started making an oil tank for my '76 Ironhead


food sesh

I usually don't post about food, but this past vacation I went to a couple of good spots.



Bobbys Burger  Palace